What is hemp-based CBD Hourglass™ by Grapefruit?

Hourglass™ is a patented, time-release topical cream that delivers CBD and all of its holistic herbal benefits to its users.

What type of CBD is Grapefruit using for the non-THC version?

We strictly use hemp derived CBD Isolate that contains no THC as the base cannabinoid for Hourglass™.

What test do you perform on Hourglass™?

Grapefruit runs a full panel test at a third-party state certified testing lab which verifies the purity and CBD content of all Hourglass™ CBD cream and confirms it is free from contaminants, pesticides and heavy metals before it enters the marketplace.  We place a designated QR Code on each box which links to the Certificate of Analysis for your jar’s crafted batch of Hourglass™ CBD cream so you can be sure that you’re getting a clean product that contains the amount of CBD listed on the data label.  We are fully transparent and want you to know that our cream meets our strict potency and purity standards.

Where do you assemble the cream?

Grapefruit uses a USDA certified facility in Southern California, USA to assemble the Hourglass™ CBD cream to assure the highest of quality in our products.

Will you have other formulas going forward?

Yes, Grapefruit is in the works to use compliant D8, hemp based CBG & CBN in the next Hourglass™ formula.