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Hourglass™ has achieved increased topical bioavailability of cannabinoids because we encapsulate our CBD in propriety micro-sized ‘vessels’ about the size of the human-hair we call “Z-Pods™”, which lodge deep into your pores, and follicles and persist there, slowly releasing our CBD over an extended period of time forming a patchless-patch™.

Our patented Hemp-derived CBD Delivery Cream is made with only the purest form of hemp-derived CBD Isolate with a purity rating exceeding 99%. This cream is THC-free and has only CBD so you can enjoy the holistic benefits of CBD for your overall health, wellness, and well-being. Laboratory tested with complete results available on every package via a designated QR Code. We ship to most states in the U.S., and to many international countries.

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Effective and Sustained Topical Relief
Through the Holistic Benefits of CBD†


Hourglass™ CBD Delivery Cream has intelligently deployed the Zylö Therapeutics, Inc.’s Xerogel Silica Gel to create the world’s first and only patented CBD time release delivery cream for the topical delivery of Cannabinoids.

Sustained Delivery

Hourglass™ cream delivers small amounts of CBD that is effectively metered into your skin hour-by-hour over a 4 to 8 hour period of time.†

Deep Skin Penetration

Hourglass™ cream, with its patented Cannabinoid Impregnated silica particles, is rubbed deep into your skin – the stratum corneum – which pushes the cream’s CBD past your skin’s barrier defenses.†

Unique Scientifically Engineered Topical Cream

Hourglass™ cream is a patented and unique scientifically engineered Topical Cream. Our cream is loaded with over 1,000mg of CBD in every 3oz jar.

Sustained Delivery of CBD without a Physical Patch

Hourglass™ cream contains highly engineered silica particles (silica is basically sand) that have been impregnated with CBD. These silica particles get rubbed into the top layer of your skin (the stratum corneum, comprised solely of dead skin cells) instead of merely sitting on “top” of your skin. Each tiny micro-sized particle has extremely narrow pores where the CBD particles reside. Each pore is, in essence, a tiny reservoir of CBD. Once the cream is rubbed into your skin, then your body’s lipophilic nature (ability of a chemical compound to dissolve in fats) triggers release from these micro-sized reservoirs into your skin, at an extremely slow rate in a manner similar to wearing a physical patch. Hourglass™ cream has a transfer rate that is similar to a typical patch, but its delivery system eliminates the need to ever have to wear a physical “patch”.†

Typical CBD Creams are a total Waste of Money

If you were to rub any of the currently available topical creams filled with CBD onto your skin, that cream will ‘barrage’ your skin with all of that cream’s CBDs at the same time because there is no specialized delivery system involved (known as the “Barrage Effect”). All of the cannabinoids are presented to your skin at the same time, so your skin’s defense system reacts by sending in enzymes, like FAAH (Fatty Acid Amide Hydrolase), that break down the majority of the CBD before it can have any effect on your body. Standard Topical CBD Creams are a total waste of your money since the vast majority of their CBD never reaches your body. Grapefruit’s Hourglass™ cream is engineered to deliver CBD that is effectively metered into your skin, hour-by-hour, to avoid triggering your body’s cannabinoid defense system. In turn, you get what you pay for – the full body holistic health and wellness benefits of CBD.

Overcomes the Highly Lipophilic Nature of CBD

Traditional patches and creams can work reasonably well with substances that are not lipophilic (ability of a chemical compound to dissolve in fats). For example, patches work well with lidocaine because lidocaine is both hydrophilic (substances having a tendency to mix with, dissolve in, or be wetted by water) and lipophilic, so it will easily cross into and beyond the stratum corneum—nicotine is the same type of substance. But CBD is highly lipophilic (and NOT hydrophilic) so your skin’s barrier system provides a solid ‘defense’ to absorption. However, Hourglass™ cream is highly engineered to deeply penetrate into your skin allowing the cream’s CBD to move beyond this barrier defense.† In turn, you enjoy the holistic health and wellness benefits of the cream which was the reason you wanted CBD cream in the first place.

† These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended for use to cure, mitigate, treat, or prevent disease.
Always consult your doctor before using products with CBD, even topicals.


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